Lucinda Grange

Independent Photographer

Outside the Lines
Drawing on her own experience of climbing and photographing some of the world’s most iconic tall buildings – from London’s Battersea Power Station and the Firth of Forth Bridge, to Notre Dame in Paris and the Great Pyramid at Giza – Lucinda Grange will give a personal account of the challenges and rewards of working at dizzying heights.

Seeking out unusual and hard-to-access places from which to view the city, Lucinda’s vertigo-inducing images raise questions about security and the urban environment – both in terms of physical safety and ownership. By placing her own body centre stage, Grange’s work challenges our perception of scale and height, whilst also offering new perspectives on the city laid out below. The talk will include personal reflections on the sensations of vertigo, the act of moving up and down tall buildings, and of making subterranean descents. Finally, Grange will discuss people’s reactions to her work, and how visual tactics can be used to increase the vertiginous impact of photographs.


Based in the North East of England, adventure photographer Lucinda Grange travels the world, shooting from extremes above and below the public footpath. Lucinda chooses to shoot in locations considered out of bounds by most people – in physical, mental and logistical terms. When above ground, scaling famous buildings and structures, Lucinda's work is often described as vertigo inducing. Her photographs enable the viewer to experience her adventures vicariously, whilst challenging them to reconsider the environment they find themselves in.

Her work has been featured in the national and international press, and exhibited at the Museum of London and Calumets' Gallery, New York. A selection of her photographs was recently published in Outside the Lines (2013). Continuing to explore the unseen, Lucinda is now working on a project documenting various underground spaces.
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On the Face of Danger © Lucinda Grange