Emilyn Claid

University of Roehampton

Falling Out of Line
‘He looks up the mighty helix and sees the levels stretching toward infinity, with banks of lights glittering above him ... a dizzying vortex; a monstrous well through Falling Out of Line is undergirded by psychosomatic approaches to acts of falling. Claid draws on her knowledge as a movement practitioner and Gestalt psychotherapist to explore falling: physically, psychologically, philosophically and metaphorically within workshop processes, writing and choreographic performance making. Somatic practices encourage falling towards the ground as a necessary pathway for changing fixed patterns in our bodies, encouraging mind body awareness and initiating physical and psychological change. Yet falling can also be painful, dangerous and can destroy lives, communities and infrastructures. So the project is centred around a paradox: in falling, we are victims of gravity and agents of change.

One strand of the project considers how we might slow down our meetings, to unfix outcomes, explore between-ness and intersubjective responses to each other’s actions. Falling out of fixing things we encounter uncertainty as a source of understanding of how we are affected by each other’s lives and our environment.

Emilyn is an independent dance artist, Professor of choreographic practices at Roehampton University (London) and a Gestalt psychotherapist. Throughout the 1970s and 80s she was at the forefront of the UK experimental dance scene and in the 1990s she worked as an independent choreographer. In 1997 Emilyn was awarded a PhD and published Yes? No! Maybe… Seductive Ambiguity in Dance Theatre Performance (Routledge 2006). For ten years Emilyn directed Choreography at Dartington College of Arts (2003-13). Choreographic research has taken her to Auckland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, Helsinki and Beirut. Alongside her professorship at Roehampton, Emilyn has a private psychotherapy practice in London. Research projects such as Falling Out of Line interweave between the two fields.


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Falling About Research Lab, Siobhan Davies Studios, London 2013.